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2009 TAKS Scores More Confusing Than Ever

TEA released the 2009 TAKS scores a few days ago and thanks to the Texas Projection Measure (TPM), a complicated system has become downright obtuse. The new rule allows schools to count students as passing even if they failed the test so long as they are predicted to pass in a future year. As a result, many schools rated “exemplary” by TEA did not actually achieve the official standard of 90 percent pass rate on all TAKS tests.

The measure was an attempt by TEA to reward districts who are making progress educating poor and bilingual students. However, it has in effect expanded the 4 tier rating system (Exemplary, Recognized, Acceptable, Unacceptable) to 7 (Exemplary, Exemplary TPM, Recongized, Recognized TPM, Acceptable, Acceptable TPM and Unacceptable).

Finding out if your school or district’s accountability rating benefited from the TPM can be difficult. Parents must navigate the TEA website until they find the individual scores for the school in question and then analyze the passing percentages with and without the TPM to see if the rating is actual or projected.

The TAKS was created as a statewide measuring stick to hold schools accountable for educating young Texans. With the latest scoring changes, TEA has obfuscated the true scores of the test. When will we learn that this one-size-fits-all test is doing nothing to improve education in Texas?

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