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Springtown ISD Corporal Punishment Policy Called Into Question « Texas School News
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Springtown ISD Corporal Punishment Policy Called Into Question

Springtown ISD is in the news this week after a male vice principal administered corporal punishment to a 15 year old girl, resulting in bruising and numbness.

Texas is one of 19 states that still allow corporal punishment in public schools. In Springtown, parents must give their consent before their children are spanked. But the district is now reviewing the policy and is considering changes.

I remember kids getting “swats” when I was in Junior High. I fortunately never got in bad enough trouble to have to experience corporal punishment, but it was a regular occurrence for some kids. For many of the repeat offenders though, they preferred swats to detention because they could get the punishment over with and move on.

Whether or not you support corporal punishment, you can’t support injuring a young person. I feel sorry for the young girl and her parents and hope that some good comes from this situation.

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