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TAKS Passing rates vs Commended rates

Holly Hacker has a great article in the Dallas Morning News today that explains and explores TAKS Commended rates. Read the full article here.

The TAKS rating system for Schools and School districts uses passing rates as a factor when establishing ratings. However, passing the TAKS merely means a student has reached the minimal competence level in a particular subject. The “commended” designation however is given to students who have mastered a subject.

As a parent, I want to know that my children’s school is teaching them subject mastery, not just the basic competence level required to pass the TAKS. Unfortunately, commended rates are usually overlooked in favor of the more generic “Recognized” or “Exemplary” labels used to rate schools. If you look deeper however, you may discover that the Recognized school you thought was doing such a great job has only 30% of it’s students reaching commended status.

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